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Business Plan BootCamp Step by Step Planning System




Is your business in need of a recovery plan?

Buy the plan and learn what information banks and investors want to hear when you your pitch your idea. Use this proven “pitch template” and easily customize it to your business. See how lenders will sit up and take notice. This covers all the essential information they want before they agree to lend you money.

If you need a business plan and need help to get your thoughts organized, this is for you.  You will receive 5 modules, an overview to planning, and a section dedicated on how to bring all the planning together and use it to your full advantage while protecting yourself and your business idea. An added bonus are resources for more information, and additional documents and schedules that  can be downloaded for you to use in your business.

Business Plan Bootcamp Online

  • Based on adult education experiential learning practice
  • Uses real-life real-time examples to illustrate/demonstrate content
  • Convenient, mobile optimization for usage on multiple devices.
  • Resources are available in multiple formats eg. Word, excel, PDF, Web etc.
  • Modules consists of a timed progression through a slideshow with audio and/or video accompaniment, and various registrant interaction events with example responses
  • Audio portion is less than 2 hours listening time
  • Curated resources provide downloadable easy to use fill in the blank templates
  • Comprehensive editing tools available to OG
  • Developed for business people by business people.
  • Why you don’t like to plan… call it organizing your ideas into headings
  • Using time to develop policies and procedures vs. being in the moment
  • Operational pull out guides for advertising and promotion.
  • Just gives you what you need to know
  • Because you need to know what you don’t know

5 reviews for Business Plan BootCamp Step by Step Planning System

  1. (verified owner)

    “You have taught me so much about business concepts and completely changed my outlook on how to transition from hobbist to legitimate business owner. Thanks to you, my business success is now built on a solid foundation of financial planning, market research, with obtainable goals/objectives and vision. You have the ability to guide your audience through the maze of ideas, evaluate and format them into a business plan that will hold up to any investor scrutiny. My business plan is my daily bible as it aids in my day to day decision making. Thank you very much Karen – you have made the difference!.”

    Gillian Price
    Owner Operator
    Vogue & Rogue Weddings

  2. (verified owner)

    “I have had the good fortune of working with Opportunity Group and Karen McDonald Hurley and the support and guidance she is able to offer is top notch. I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking at starting a business that they take advantage of this program being run by the Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Center.”

    Jeremy Zeran
    Thousands Islands Apparel

  3. (verified owner)

    “Had a brain storming session with Karen, my small business coach, this morning. Karen is knowledgeable and inspirational. I love bouncing ideas off her and receiving beneficial, relevant information. I love her creativity and knowledge of trends. Working with small businesses is truly her passion!!”

    Sue Torrance
    Tasty Indulgences: Gluten Free Meals and Desserts

  4. (verified owner)

    “I have tried writing these before but thanks to Karen I can honestly say I finally understand how a business plan and cash flow plan can work. Many thanks to the Opportunity Group”

    Jayne Couch

  5. I recently completed both the business plan and cash flow programs, in addition Karen was a great help through out the process, she even took time to visit me at my shop to see how I was progressing. This program was well worth the effort to not only complete but to review and get to understand all parts. I have a much better chance of success with Karen and these programs in my corner.

    Tony Bryant
    Treaty Marshal Service

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